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Outreach Supervisor

IOutreach Supervisor is an important role in the Cure Violence Model. Your primary focus is to:


  1.  Detect and interrupt potentially violent conflictsUse trained health workers to detect conflicts within the community – interpersonal, group, and retaliations - and respond with specific methods to peacefully resolve the disputes.

  2. Treat those at highest risk for involvement in violenceUse trained health workers to identify individuals that are most likely be involved in violence and work intensively to change their behavior.

  3. Group and community norm changeUse trained health workers to challenge norms that encourage the use violence and replace them with new skills and new information to allow people to safely settle disputes and maintain respect without the use of violence. 

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Plan the day-to-day and week-to-week activities with and for the outreach staff based on official data and team knowledge

  •  Plan and hold daily meetings (briefings, debriefings, and/or team meetings) to review current level of violence, including shootings and assess what additional interventions are needed

  •  Supervise staff of outreach workers and violence interrupters, including daily communication with each staff member

  • Outreach to the community to build strong relationships with youth, residents, businesses, and community groups

  • Coordinate interview panels to hire outreach and violence interrupter staff

  • Advocate for youth through court testimonies, when necessary

  •  Increase staff visibility when shootings/killings take place (developing networks with other outreach program workers to coordinate an inclusive and immediate strategic response)

  • Works closely with the City of Jacksonville and Cure Violence Global, program manager, outreach workers and violence interrupters to develop formalized Violence Prevention Plan

  • Investigate causes of shootings/killings to assist in mediating situations and preventing retaliation between individuals and groups (working with the community, outreach programs and local law enforcement to gain information that may be helpful in preventing additional killings)

  • Identify and diffuse “hot spots” for shootings and violence

  • Attend and participate in meetings with community outreach workers, prosecution, probation, and agencies providing opportunities, to discuss recent situations and coordinate efforts collectively to stop the killing

  • Conduct Weekly Supervisions with outreach workers and violence interrupters as presented in the Cure Violence training

  • Overall coordination with the program manager of all staff reports including behavior change tracking forms and implementation checklist

    Connect with additional resources from neighboring communities to get needed support, when necessary. 



  • H.S. diploma

  • Extensive experience working with youth and high risk individuals

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Experience and/or training in crisis intervention and staff supervision

  • Valid driver’s license, insurance, and good driving record

  •  No pending criminal cases or prior convictions for domestic violence (within 10 years) or prior convictions for sexual assault or child abuse.

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